Saturday, November 29, 2008

Horrorman Is Closing The Crypt -

Some of you may have noticed that I cut the life-line to Sexy Bloody Horror. It has disappeared into that unknowable...unreachable place where all "dead" sites go to dwell. The reason? Not enough hours in the day. I'm sorry to say that after much reflection over the Holidays, I've decided to snip the umbilical to horrorman Blogs as well. On top of my other projects, I recently had another opportunity drop into my lap. All of these take up a considerable amount of time, as does running a "quality" horror film blog site. Back in the late '80's when I kicked off the horror web site The Horror Chamber, there were only a handful of us out there. Twenty years later, it's an entirely different story. There are literally hundreds (thousands, probably) of sites and blogs out there dealing with our much beloved genre. Fans today are far...far more informed and knowledgeable than they were back then. I've chatted with many of you, many of you who have excellent blogs and sites of your own that I visit every chance I get. There are even a handful of you whom I'd consider friends now (sure...we may have never met face to face, but you know what? That doesn't matter.) For those of you who care, I plan on leaving horrorman Blogs up for a good while for the Archives. And if you are a new visitor to this blog, please check out my "Links & Friends" list on the sidebar. These guys and gals know their horror, and over the past year, I've found that more often than not, we pretty much share the same taste and opinions in films. And if you, kind visitor, are one of those listed... I'll certainly continue dropping in on your sites, leaving comments, etc. I've really enjoyed and appreciated all of your kind comments.

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